AWCCI | Agape Ministries Inc
Agape Word Center church International located in Beltsville Maryland USA.
  • Missions:

    We must make every effort to preach the life-transforming Gospel of Jesus to all nations through all means possible. We seek to inspire commitment to Missions in the lives of Agents of Change.

  • Selfless Service:

    We must be committed to walking in the Agape love of God, serving each other and the harvest field selflessly, by being sensitive to each other’s needs and demonstrating Christ in all our dealings. We encourage every Agent of Change to make themselves available for service

  • Excellence:

    We must be committed to excellence in all our work of ministry, as the excellence of God’s character is reflected on how we do church life. We are committed to raising the standard of excellence in every ministry of the church, using our God given gifts and talents to achieve the plans and purposes of God in our generation.

  • Discipleship:

    We must be committed to walking in the Lord’s ways and training others to lead, even as we follow Christ.

  • Unity:

    We are committed to working together in Unity. We work together as one team, with systemic cohesiveness, for the fulfilment of one common vision, submitting to God and the leadership of the Church.

  • Integrity:

    We are committed to living the Christ-centred life, shunning hypocrisy in our interactions within the fellowship to those we are called to witness

  • Diversity:

    We must be focused on cultivating a Kingdom culture amongst us, a God first-one church culture, an environment where staff, ministry workers, and church members are sensitive to other cultures, celebrating our diversities and walking in Unity.

  • Leadership:

    We strive to serve as examples to others in everything we do, demonstrating servant leadership, following Christ’s example when He walked this earth